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Recognizing the Signs of Stroke In Yourself and Others

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Recognizing the Signs of Stroke In Yourself and Others

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, close to three-quarters of a million people in the United States are diagnosed with a stroke each year. Stokes can occur in individuals of any age, but the risk increases as a person gets older. The good news is that the chances of recovery and survival are greater if you know the warning signs and react quickly to these symptoms, whether it is happening to you or someone you love. To support World Stroke Day, which is an annual event on October 29 devoted to creating awareness of the condition, we're sharing some symptoms of a stroke that you should know.


Numbness that occurs on one side of the body is one of the most common indicators of a stroke. It usually affects the face, legs or arms, but it can make it difficult to even move, lift objects or experience touch. During a stroke, secondary damage to brain cells makes it difficult for that area of the brain to communicate with the nerves, which can result in a loss of motor function. Approximately 93 percent of all people who have ever had a stroke experienced numbness on one side as one of the main symptoms.

Sudden Intense Headache

Headaches occur during a stroke due to irritation or pressure along the lining of the brain. These types of headaches appear quickly, can be severe and may also accompany numbness or weakness. In some cases, you may also feel nauseous or sick to your stomach.


Another common sign of a stroke is difficulting speaking. If you suspect someone is having a stroke, ask them to repeat short and simple phrases. Not only will they have a hard time repeating you, but their speech may also be slurred and hard to understand.


When the blood supply to the back part of the brain is reduced during a stroke, it can cause vertigo or dizziness. The person may have a hard time walking and may find it difficult to stay balanced. While dizziness can be caused by all types of strokes, it is most common with an acute brain stem or cerebellar stroke, which is caused by bleeding or a blocked blood vessel at the cerebellum.

Vision Problems

Stroke-related vision problems include double or blurred vision, loss of your visual field in one or both eyes and even drooping of the eyelids. These problems typically last 90 to 100 minutes if your physician can clear the blockage quickly, but a blockage that lasts for four or more hours can cause permanent damage.

At the Gardens at Barry Road in Kansas City, MO, we understand how important it is to keep our community healthy and happy. We offer regular health assessments to help you identify issues quickly and licensed nurses are on hand if you ever have any questions about your condition.

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