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Highlight on Senior Foot Health

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Highlight on Senior Foot Health

Caring for your feet is always important, but good foot health becomes a greater concern as we age. Feet are the natural foundation for your mobility, so keeping them in good shape helps you stay independent. Unhealthy feet can also cause problems for your entire body, and foot care is especially critical for seniors who have a chronic illness such as diabetes.

Here are four things you can do in your assisted living apartment to keep your feet as healthy as possible so you can enjoy regular strolls around the grounds with friends or outings in the nearby Kansas City communities.

1. Wash Your Feet Regularly

Even if you wear shoes and keep to the assisted living community grounds, your feet can pick up debris and dirt throughout the day, and all it takes is a tiny cut coming into contact with the wrong microbes for infection to start. Older adults — and especially diabetics — are at greater risk of infections in the foot leading to long-term health issues, so wash your feet daily with water and some mild soap.

2. Trim Toenails Regularly

Toenails that are too long are uncomfortable. They can cause pain in your toes and may hit against the inside of your footwear, causing unnecessary pressure. Plus, untrimmed toenails can increase your risks of infections, fungal growth and ingrown nails, all of which can lead to more troublesome issues.

If you can reach your toes comfortably, consider clipping them after you've soaked your feet in warm water or had a bath. The water softens the toenails, making them easier to clip safely.

Barry Road residents who have trouble reaching their toes or are worried about difficult-to-maintain toenails can work with staff to handle this concern or see a podiatrist or other healthcare provider for assistance.

3. Wear Comfortable, Supportive Shoes and Socks

Choose shoes that fit well, have stable soles that provide some grip and don't put unnecessary pressure on specific portions of the feet, ankle or toes. It's a good idea to avoid high heels or limit how much time you spend in them. Many of The Gardens at Barry Road residents find a comfortable pair of slippers is a must for enjoying time within their own apartments.

Your choice in hose or socks is also important. Avoid socks that are too tight and have creases that bite into your skin. Socks designed to promote circulation may be a good option if you're diabetic, have heart trouble or suffer from cold or numb feet.

4. Get an Expert Opinion

While at-home foot care helps protect the health of your entire body, don't be afraid to reach out for professional assistance. If you see something on your foot that worries you or feel pain in your ankles, feet or toes, let one of the staff at Barry Road know. They may be able to help you with some immediate relief.

See a podiatrist regularly to ensure your feet are healthy and that any issues are being handled properly. One benefit of living at The Gardens at Barry Road is that we offer on-site podiatry services. You don't even have to leave the community to ensure your feet are on the right path for health.